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Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park is situated only 30 km from Alemria, about which you can read more HERE.

In 1997, it became a UNESCO biosphere sanctuary. The view of the park brought many impressions. Its territory is the largest protected coastal territory in Andalusia. The climate is truly desertic so its better to take this fact into consideration if you decide to go for a walk or a bike trip through the wilderness. 

The mountains that create the horizon of the park form the mountain range called Sierra del Cabo de Gata, the largest summit of which is the inactive volcano El Fraile. The mountain is 493 MASL tall. Aside from being the natural UNESCO protected area, Cabo de Gata-NIjar Natural Park is also the Specially Protected Territory of Mediterranean Sea. The territory include the belt of land, coast and waters up to 60 m deep. 

The park is inhabited by around 1100 animal species, majority of which are birds, including flamingos, herons, cranes, ospreys, peregrine falcons and eagles. The flora of the park consist of agaves, cacti, pigmy shrubs, desertic grass and miniature palms. The representatives of African flora and fauna are also often spotted here. 

I remember the reactions of my friends when years ago I posted on FB photos from the park: “Did you go to Mars?”, “What is the weather like on the Moon?” , the view really is amazing. The azure colour of the sea is mixed with the orange-red, dried by the Sun plateaus and gorges. What comes to attention is the lack of tourist flood which is characteristic for Costa del Sol. It is all majestic, unique and truly beautiful. 


In the bays incorporated into the coasts of the park, there are the most beautiful Spanish beaches:

  • Playa de los Muertos
  • Playa de Monsul (the most popular Spanish tourist website Traveler.es named it one of 50 most beautiful beaches of Spain)
  • Playa de Genoveses (Skyscanner named it 4th best beach in Spain)
  • Cala de Enmedio (New York Times named it one of the best beaches of Europe)
  • El Playazo
  • Playa de La Fabriquilla
  • Cala San Pedro
  • Cala del Plomo
  • Playa de Agua Amarga
  • Playa de las Salinas (it is situated next to characteristic Iglesia de las Salinas)

If you are there, you absolutely should visit those beaches! I promise that you will be impressed.. 


  • Rodalquilar – near the town, there is the La Playa de El Playazo mentioned above. On the way there, there is the oldest building of the park from the sixteenth century – La Torre de los Alumbres
  • San Jose - urocze miasteczko 
  • San Miguel de Cabo de Gata
  • Las Negras
  • Carboneras
  • La Isleta del Moro
  • San Miguel
  • Agua Amarga


Un Saludo:)!

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