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So many times we drove from the south of Spain to Poland and back, and every time we stopped and passed through lovely places, like Rocio in Catalonia, Valencia in Spain, Grenoble or Lyon in France, Geneva in Switzerland, Stuttgart in Germany, and other beautiful cities and regions. I regret I didn't take more photos and notes from previous travels.

So far, we've traveled a distance of about 3200 km with two-night stops. Driving 10-12 hours daily with a few rest breaks was a reasonable maximum for us.

This time we decided to explore a little more on the way to Poland, following our favorite rule - here and there :)

In this post, I will tell you about the last route we made, the places we stopped, and, in the next one (I'm on it:)...), what locations we visited on the way back, so you may get inspired to travel to even same places ;)

From Benalmadena to Tychy


1. Guadix

Driving north from Benalmadena, we wanted to stop in the "cave town" of Guadix in Granada Province.
For more information about this place, CLICK HERE.

PS From the highway in this area, you can enjoy the fantastic mountain panorama of the Sierra Nevada, the highest mountains in Andalusia.

2. Jaen Province

Heading north, we arrived in Quesada in the Jaen province, where we spent the night at a free & safe RV parking area - the place is described HERE (Click).

The view of the sunset over the hills of the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas (what a long name :)...), which was the next stop destination in Jaen, gave us a lot of sensations...


Driving through white towns with castles on the hills, passing rivers, waterfalls, and traversing mountain passes... we left this province with beautiful memories.

For more information about beautiful spots in Jaen province, you can click HERE.


3. Cuenca

On the way from Jaen to Cuenca in Castilla la Mancha, we could discover another exciting place in Spain - Parque Natural Lagunas de Ruidera… We stayed the night at Camping Los Batanes and then drove along the nearby lakes' shores. There you can find some campgrounds, restaurants, and places where you can have an excellent time, do water sports, or cycle well-prepared bicycle paths around the whole area.

After the next long hours of travel, we arrived in Cuenca. I couldn't take my eyes off bizarre rock formations and nature during driving down through the serpentines of Parque Natural de La Serrania de Cuenca following the CM-2106 road, … Just wow!

Read more about Cuenca HERE and a fantastic park we visited, La Ciudad Encantada de Cuenca - CLICK HERE.


4. Aragonia Province - Spain

Driving down the serpentine route CM-2106 in the late evening, we stopped at the spring of the Rio Cuervo, another beautiful place ...

It was almost dark when wild animals started jumping and doing almost suicidal tricks right in front of the car. That was the only situation we felt a bit uncomfy during this long trip... we were the only vehicle in the area ... running out of fuel and had no internet signal ... but thankfully, it was a downhill ride. We made it to the free parking for campers in Molina de Aragón. The following morning, we woke up with a nice view of the castle.

We had planned to visit Zaragoza - the capital of the province of Aragón, but the heat was too oppressive, especially for the dog...


Keep this in mind if you're traveling with your pets to the south. It's hard to walk a dog in the city during the summertime. Our wolfdog was very tired, so after sighting Cuenca, we realized it was not the best idea to visit another one.

The next stop was the dreamy Pyrenees :) We always admired the distant panorama driving across the border from the seaside through the French Perpignan.

5. Pireneje

Torla - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION... is a charming little town in the province of Huesca ... Well, I could stay there for longer ... I even imagined myself tending geraniums in small windows somewhere on one of the streets ...ahh...  it's probably not for me after all ... :)

We stayed for two days at Camping Rio Ara... a wonderful place... We had hoped to go hiking in Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, but unfortunately, nobody was allowed to go through the entrance barrier. A special bus takes tourists from Torla to the trails, or you can walk to the park. We couldn't go on the bus with a dog... So, maybe next time...

We drove to the French side through the Túnel de Bielsa - Aragnouet. Views from the access and ride through the long 3,070 km tunnel and the French valley CLICK HERE

Setting spontaneous pins on the route map, we decided to see the highest peaks of the Pyrenees - Maladeta and Pico Aneto. We started thinking about an exciting hiking route suitable for our 5-year-old... On the way, we stopped in Vignec, a charming Pyrenean town...


.... and drove to Loudenvielle... We left the car in a dedicated camper parking place and headed into the mountains... The views were insane... Escaping the Pyrenees storm at lightning speed, we continued driving... With a note in our heads - we need to return to the Pyrenees...

6. Alps

We wanted to make this trip big, so we set the next stop - Chamonix-Mont Blanc. In the morning, a little trekking and ascend the Aiguille du Midi - once the highest railroad in the Alps.


We were also tempted to go through the tunnel under Mont Blanc to Italy, but finally, we decided to set "Tychy" in the navigation. With a stop for the night at the German autobahn, we finally arrived at the destination city in Poland :)

This trip took us seven days, and we drove about 3640 km! Niceeeee trip... :)


Un Saludo:)!

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