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Before the return travel, we wanted to fix & check everything in camper services to ensure the vehicle was well-prepared for a long back trip. Our list included general inspections, repair of small damages, tire replacement, checking the gas system, and fixing the blind in the window. We thought everything was all set...

We began the return journey from Silesia in Poland to the South (Part 1 CLICK HERE). Our first stop was in Mszana, just before the border with the Czech Republic. There is a free car park, and you can get & drop off grey water and even spend the night (you can find it on park4Night).

We left Silesia late, and near Brno, we decided to spend the night at a motorway car park. We switched on the fridge - and after a while, we smelled a gas... We knew that the installation had been checked and the pipes replaced. Everything in the area was closed due to a holiday and a long weekend in August. We were concerned and even considered returning to Poland to recheck it, but we couldn't allow for a few days' delay. We were already packed, etc...

We experimented a bit. We left the gas system on - unfortunately, all the sensors installed in the camper started to beep after about 20mins... What would happen if tired we fell fast asleep???

We decided to keep going... we had some foodstuff in the fridge, but it ran on the battery during driving and from the electricity at the campsites...


Let's go to the Alps!

1. Austria

I love the Alps. Every time we are there, I admire the beautiful views… by the way... When I was a child, I watched "The Bergdoctor," the plot didn't draw me at all, but I liked the views very much :)

We wanted to spend some time by the lakes - we chose Lake Attersee, to which we drove along Lake Traunsee. There we stopped for a rest stop CLICK - A nice parking by the lake.


Later, from the south side, we started looking for a campsite on the Attersee...


… Unfortunately, all campsites were full. We were about to continue driving to Mondsee lake, but we wanted to check out the last camp on the way - Inselcamping Unterach, we weren't surprised to see the message "Full" at the entrance, but the friendly staff let us in for the night.  The campsite doesn't have favorable reviews on Google, but we liked it :) There is excellent access to the lake, mountain trails, plenty of space, and hiking paths.


We planned to visit Innsbruck and hike along the lakeside overlooking the Matterhorn, but unfortunately, the weather forecast changed. The radar showed looming clouds and a week of rain ... so we needed to escape southwards. On the way, we visited charming Chiusa Klausen town ... We were very, very tempted to turn into the Dolomites :) ... but the weather got worse and worse...

2. Trafoi

I'm not going to exaggerate the views surrounding the route among the Alpine peaks... I always stare as if hypnotized :)


We arrived at a beautiful, intimate campsite overlooking the glacier in Trafoi. It serves as a base camp for the surrounding peaks. It's a shame we were in such a hurry because the forecast wasn't nice, and we only had one day of sunshine to cross the Stelvio Pass safely...

A detailed description of the ride, photos, and video can be found CLICK HERE



… During the descent to Bormio, our "serviced" brakes started to make smoke... and the "serviced" wheels began to creak on curves... Then, all bad sounds, smoke, and smell somehow faded, but after we returned home, we needed to repair all the previously "repaired" stuff.


3. Italy

We relaxed a little at the campervan park in Lovero (what a name :)) and continued heading south along the Lake Como shores.


And that would be enough of the attractions of this route. We had hoped to stop at a few more places along the way, but the weather was terrible. We arrived at the Columbus campsite in Celle Ligure on the Mediterranean after another couple hours of rainy driving. Well, it was a pretty strange experience :D We were exhausted, and I didn't want to overthink what I saw - a whole family had set up and was playing with their children over a campsite drainpipe... I don't know, maybe it's normal...


4. France

There is always something special that happens to us in France. For example, in 2020, when we drove with our previous campervan to Poland, we had a serious engine breakdown on the highway. It took us a couple of hours to find help and explain what had happened. We know languages, but in France, without speaking French, we felt like we'd come from another planet :) Finally, some nice guy took us on a trailer to the service ... but that's another story... :D


This time our "serviced" window (I mentioned it at the beginning of the post), which had the thermal blind replaced, started leaking… So that's why it is worth being equipped with silver tape and nerves of steel...


After all, everything was great. We could have seen more places on such a long route if it wasn't raining. The sky cleared up near Valencia, so we arrived home in the full sunshine :)


We traveled around 3280 km in almost 4 days


PS My intention was not to spoil someone's opinion by describing post-service defects. I think it was our fault. We were pressed for time, so we didn't check everything after a few weeks when they finally gave us back the car. I believed we could trust the professionals who, after all, valued their skills highly, and they knew we had many miles to drive.
We got our van to a local campervan service when we arrived home. When the mechanic checked the gas installation with a gas-licking detector, it was clear where the gas was escaping. The problem was with the nuts on the hoses. Somebody connected them incorrectly and even hadn't checked after all... This error cost us enormous stress. Also, the window needs to be removed to be dried, re-installed and sealed (someone after the repair could check that also).

Well, a lesson was learned for us once again. It seems that it is something good to have limited trust in "experts" and "specialists," surely there are handymen somewhere, but we didn't get one this time... :)

Un Saludo:)!

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