Young moms often wonder which day-care/kindergarten to choose for their children. The answer could be simple – the best one! However, when you live abroad, you may get confused by the complexity of unknown procedures that tend to differ from the ones you find easy in your motherland, i.e. due to the language fluency. I will try to introduce the procedure of enrolling a child to a kindergarten in Andalusia.

Just like everywhere in the world, in Andalusia, there are public and private kindergartens. The opinions about which are better vary – both have their pros and cons. The main difference, of course, is the monthly fee, but despite it, both types are up to the same standard in aiming to take good care of children and providing a good education. 

Another difference between public and private kindergartens is connected to additional classes, day schedules (private kindergartens are more flexible here) and the so called educational project. There are bilingual kindergartens and the popular Montessori kindergartens, in which the time is spent in accordance with the motto of the methodology: “Education should no longer be about teaching. It should transform and aim to release people’s true potential.” There are many options to choose from when it comes to private kindergartens, which, additionally, offer a possibility to go through the “adaptation period” in a friendly way since it tends to be difficult for children and their parents.


Enrolling to a day-care/kindergarten

When it comes to public kindergartens, parents need to choose a good moment to send necessary documents and enter the waiting list, if they want their kid to join the group of sweet toddlers. The decision to accept the child is made based on a point system. Generally, the registration period in day-care institutions starts on February 15th and ends on April 30th. After that date, it is rather impossible to enroll a child.

Private kindergartens are more flexible, but it may happen that there is not enough place for every enrolled child. My 2,5 years old child has started attending kindergarten in a completely different period than it is common here. I had to wait a few days so that there is an available place for him and the next few days I had to spend on delivering the necessary documents. 

Therefore, it is best to go to guarderia you are interested in early and ask for details.

General rules of enrolment

Generally, the requirements are similar in all autonomic communities in Spain.

  • The child needs to be at least 16 weeks old at the day they get enrolled
  • The law states that public kindergartens first have to gather all applications and only after they do that, they can use the point system to make a decision what children are enrolled. 
  • The parents need to be registered in the city in which the kindergarten is situated.

Documents you need to enroll a toddler to a public kindergarten:

  • The photocopy and the original version of Libro de Familia (if you have it), the birth certificate or other document attesting the child’s birthplace and birthdate.
  • Certificado de empadronamiento/registration of residence
  • DNI or NIE of both parents
  • I was asked to present the vaccination book and health insurance card
How much does it all cost?

The cost will differ depending on the type of institution you choose (public or private). There are some costs that are the same for both:

  • Annual registration fee: from 150 to 200 euro
  • School insurance: from 25 to 30 euro
  • Monthly fee: from 180 to 200 euro

Monthly prices for day-care in 2016/2017:

  • If the annual income of the family is lower than 5644 euro, the fee is 80 euro/month
  • If the annual income of the family is between 5644 and 7656 euro, the fee is 130 euro/month
  • If the annual income of the family is between 7656 and 25725 euro, the fee is 180 euro/month
  • If the annual income of the family is higher than 25725 euro, the fee is 260 euro/month


A price list of a very reputable kindergarten in Malaga:

You need to include additional food costs: 60 – 80 euro, and the cost of additional classes.

Of course, there are some concessions and reductions, i.e. for large families facing, i.e. problems related to unemployment, etc. In such cases, you need to speak individually with the administration of the kindergarten. 

If you want to share your knowledge related, i.e. to additional necessary documents or you want to recommend or warn against a certain kindergarten, let me know in the comment.


*These are the general prices and may differ depending on the location, the type of day-care etc.



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