Everybody uses the Internet for shopping as it saves your time and money. To avoid falling prey to colourful banners and sales, which may turn out to be not so pretty, it is good to use the tools that will help you find the best offer for you.

When making a purchase or when you want to compare prices of telecommunication services, Internet providers, electricity, gas, and other media, it is good to use comparison engines, and the Spanish Internet offers lots of them. 

I will briefly introduce a few sites that are the most popular and I hope that they will help you navigate across Internet sales.

  • Kelkoo – one of the larges comparison engines. It has a comfortable layout which allows you to find the products quickly.
  • Idealo – it has a nice artwork and uses over 11500 online stores. Recently, it added a plane ticket cost comparison engine
  • Twenga – It allows to browse by a product name, brand, similar products and compares prices in different online stores. It offers many filters, i.e. price range, brand, etc…
  • Shopmania – it allows to compare categories and offers brief summaries of searched products. It is one of the most powerful engines
  • Google Shopping – I do not need to introduce this website. The engine uses your localization and offers filters such as price range, seller, etc.
  • Reduto- checks prices in over 3000 online stores. It has a special offers tab is good to take a   look at
  • Choozen – a service available almost in every part of the world, which allows you to compare prices of hundreds of goods.
  • Comparar – you can look for good prices in about 50 mil offers grouped into categories, such as computers, mobile phones, software, video games, video cameras, health, etc.
  • Monitorizo – it is an engine that compares offers from the Spanish Amazon. Aside from finding the best offer for every available product, it shows history and evolution of the price of the product. Monitorizo can send you e-mail notifications about price reduction of a given product at Thanks to it, you will know when it is the best time to buy and you will be able to save money on online shopping.
  • Nozzama – similar to Monitorizo. It compares prices and offers from
  • Encuentraprecios – it is a portal very similar to those already mentioned above when it comes to the engine and categories. It does not show the results right after typing the product name. You will need to narrow the searches criteria in the second step.
  • Restreator – I have used it many times. It is a very useful website, advertised in TV with a cute dog – besset :) But the most important thing is that it has price comparison engines of insurance, travel, phone services, internet, bank accounts and other financial products, gas and electricity providers. 

  • Porównywarka od ElMundo – it specialises in comparing prices of car insurance (compares over 25 insurers), mobile telephony (compares about 120 offers) and Internet (compares around 500 offers).

  • Seguros  – as the name indicates, the website focuses on comparing insurance offers, especially for cars, from 30 companies with no additional commission. There, you will also find comparison engines of insurance for family, property, companies, health, pets, travels, etc.
  • Acierto – compares around 30 insures. It offers motor, house, health and life insurance comparison.
  • – compares phone service offers of 54 Spanish operators, as well as phone and other mobile devices prices. 
  • Kelisto – compares prices of over 65 companies. Currently, it offers a comparison engine for bank accounts, mortgage, loans, Internet costs and electricity bills.

Finally, it is good to mention TrustPilot that can be used to read opinions about any online store the comparison engine pointed out as the one offering the most attractive price. Cheaper does not always mean better, so it is advised to consider a long shipment period, and other vices that may occur when shopping online. It can also be used to find online frauds who pretend to run as online shop. TrustPilot will be able to help you check the reliability of the seller and make it easier to make the correct choice.

If you would like to recommend a similar website, write a comment below!


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