1. A translator is always helpful - Google does a good job translating from prints. It's excellent for translating correspondence or menus in restaurants.

2. Free application to learn Spanish for beginners or more ambitious people going on vacations to spanish-speaking countries - Duolingo. It's worth going through the whole course, click around, get familiar with the structure of basic sentences to start learning on a higher level, either in classes or by yourself.

3. To play with vocabulary - Babadum - a browser game, very well made. Pleasing to the eye offers various difficulty levels and types of quizzes.

4. Spanishdict - great website, the application also works very well, lots of vocabulary sets to learn, very intuitive.

5. MyTunerRadio application - allows you to listen to online radio stations from many countries. I recommend RNE Radio 3 and Cadena Cope Malaga - lots of conversations with locals, news from the region.

6. Learning the verb conjugation - Ella - this is a shot in 10! I like it very much. Simplicity is power. It has limitations in the free version, but the paid one is not too expensive - it is worth it! (Elephant in the icon)

7. Lingoda - A great way to break language barriers. They organize "sprints" and other "actions" often 100% of the costs are refunded, but be careful - you have to obey all the rules; otherwise, the money is lost.

8. Italki - I don't think there is a more pleasant platform to learn languages. First of all, there are free trial lessons available. It's worth learning with a teacher who comes from the region where you intend to go. For example, in Andalusia, pronunciation is very characteristic. Often you can't hear the endings, so it's worth listening to the differences.

If you have your favorite app/website for learning languages, write in the comments.


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