Trevelez is situated 1476 MASL and it is one of the highest situated villages in Spain and it is the highest situated village in Andalusia! It belongs to Grenada province. It is famous for being a great starting point of local trails of Sierra Nevada Nature Park, as well as for producing high quality jamona serrano – greatly appreciated among gourmets. 

The village has its own mystery that still remains unresolved… On its upper part, there is a rock, on which somebody, who lived long before the Romans came here, carved mysterious inscriptions. Unfortunately, the archaeologists did not manage to pinpoint its time of creation nor the meaning of the message carved into the stone…

The village inherited from the Moors who lived on this land such things as the village’s general look together with developed irrigation system. You should take a note of terrace crops, meadows surrounding the village and the living area divided into three parts: Barrio, Alto, Medio and Bajo.

Due to its location, the history of the village was taking part near the main currents of historical events. During the Reconquista of 1492, the Christian soldiers did not get to Trevelez. When the news of the collapse of the last Islam bastion on the peninsula situated only 97 km from Grenada, the local people started getting worried. The Muslims who lived in Trevelez stopped getting along with their Christian neighbours. Only after 1500 the Christian kings broke the resistance and forced the Moors to get baptised. That is how moriscos were created – the Muslims theoretically converted to Christianity, but keeping cultivating their original religion in secret. 

As an act of resistance, some moriscos decided to create armed groups that attacked in 1568 – 1572 Christian armies and civilians. After finding and defeating the Muslim military groups, the king Philippe II decided to banish the rest of Muslims and bring to Travelez people from the northern parts of Iberian Peninsula, from Murcia and Castile. 

That is how the inhabitants of the village keep living in peace since the seventeenth century (in 2017 its population was 758 people) surrounded by beautiful nature. They cultivate crops, manufacture ham and get more and more tourists every year. In the village, it is good to take notice of the San Benito church from the eighteenth century and the old fountain. We came to Trevelez to reach the highest summit of the continental part of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula and at the same time the highest summit of European continent situated outside the Alps – Mulhacen (3478 MASL). 


Where to eat?

Due to the tiny size of the village, every restaurant owner cares to offer the tourists the best quality local cuisine. A few places worth visiting:

  • La Fragua – offers amazing view of the local area
  • Meson Haraicel
  • Casa Julio
  • Piedra Ventana
  • Meson Joaquin
  • El Goteron

It is recommended to buy some meat in one of the local stores. 



How to get there?
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