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Spain and other countries on the Mediterranean coast are appreciated for their healthy cuisine. The Mediterranean diet is highly recommended as the optimal one that provides all nutrients in the proper proportions.

There is something for everyone in the south - a vegetarian will smile at the view of sun-grown tomatoes, and an omnivore will also be satisfied by eating the acorn, the sweetish
jamon (Spanish ham), or a variety of seafood.

There are plenty of products typical for the provinces of Andalusia, some of which I will try to introduce to you briefly.

Almeria Province

Apart from its meat offer, Almeria is famous for its fish and seafood. Of course, popular in Málaga, deep-fried dishes are available everywhere, but almerians prepare fish dishes or other sea creatures, mainly - a la plancha, which means barbecued, and served with vegetables, produced in local greenhouses on a global scale.

Cordoba Province

It has no coastline but is famous for its olives and chickpeas, which are an essential ingredient of the cuisine of southern Spain.

About the wines of Andalusia will be in another post, but here we must mention a typical wine of Córdoba: Pedro Ximénez, which is consumed, among other things, as an accompaniment to desserts or as an ingredient in sweet recipes. There is another well-known vine produced from the white grapes Montilla-Moriles.

The province of Córdoba is also a significant producer of sheep's cheese from the region of Los Pedroches, and this name producers use to brand their products.

In Cordoba, you have to try the salmonrejo cordobes - it is a cold soup similar to gazpacho. Below you can find the original recipe:



Cadiz Province

I like the cuisine of Cadiz very much. Tuna from Almadraba (you can find out what Almadraba is, in this post - Click), fresh tastes you find during the fishing season - that is in spring in Barbate, or Zahara de los Atunes on Costa de la Luz, in places where this kind of fishing has been used for centuries.
Try the fresh seafood, the tortillas de camarones - thin potato pancakes with shrimps, all served with the famous cherry from Jerez... Delicious!

If you want to try delicious Cadiz food in Malaga, be sure to visit El Pichi de Cai bar - where Tortilla de camarones is a must!


Sevilla Province

Perhaps the dish Huevos a la Flamenca will be to your taste. It's a combination of eggs, potatoes, sausage in chunks, jamón, garlic, tomatoes, and onions first fried and then baked in the oven. In Seville, of course, gazpacho andaluz is the king of coolers. You can find an original recipe to make a tasty gazpacho CLICK

Huelva Province

Did you know that as many as 90% of the strawberries in season in Spanish stores come from Huelva? Gourmets also appreciate Jamon Jabugo, a ham cured right in Jabugo Town, which has become a well-known brand in Spain.

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Malaga Province

When you think about the food in Malaga, the famous boquerones, or sardines prepared in various ways, immediately come to mind.

You can find them marinated in vinegar and olive oil, deep-fried, and fresh ones covered with salt, fried on sticks in open fire - they are called espetos - this is a trademark of Malaga's chiringuitos (beach bars).

It is worth trying gazpacho, based on almonds and garlic. I can also recommend the sweet wines - Malaga's moscatels, which taste great in the famous Malaga's wine shop. Check it out CLICK

One of the bars I wanted to recommend here is - La Bocacha in Carratraca - unfortunately, it looks like it is closed. You should check it before going. It's best to make an appointment there for dinner in a group because the rule was to cook for a concrete number of people. Excellent, homemade, delicious, fresh, and inexpensive - typical Andalusian food!

Jaen province

Jaen Province is the world kingdom of olive oil! As much as 17% of the world's production of the golden liquid is produced right here in Jaen. The province grows mainly the picual type.
Because the province has no access to the coast, dishes prepared from wild game, like wild boar, partridge, or deer, are popular here.


Grenada Province

A mountainous province, it is mainly famous for its ham production, and especially recognized is the Jamon of Trevelez (about Trevelez in a post Here). The province was long under Arab rule, so many dishes are served with couscous and typical Arab spices. Meat dishes are popular, and you can find in restaurants plato alpujarreno, a mix of chorizo, morcilla, and other cold cuts.

You can read about other typical products of Andalusia Here



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