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The route I took from Travelez through Canada de las Siete Lagunas (The Valley of Seven Lakes), I could easily recommend to people who quickly move on mountains. The route is not technically tough, but it is long – you need to walk about 25 km, which took us around 14 hours. It is best to cross it in two days. You can stay the night in a house prepared for tourists (to clarify, it is not a commercial building, but a cottage with a roof and walls). The view from the top is amazing, and even though you can reach it (a fun fact) thanks to the highest route in Europe, which reaches 3380 meters, I recommend to walk there using the mountain trails of Sierra Nevada. 




A fun fact

The name of the mountain comes from Muley Hacen, also known as Abul Hasan, who in the fifteenth century was the third king of Granada from Nasrid dynasty. According to the tradition, he was buried on Mulhacen as was his last wish. 

Below, a map with the route marked. 


Un Saludo:)!

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