A neighbor is always worth a visit:) We had some opportunities to drive alongside the coast from Malaga to Porto, I will try to tell you more about the most interesting places we visited there.

It was one of the most beautiful family trips in a VAN. We set out from Malaga, then drove to Tariff and continued alongside the coast… In total, the meter showed that we travelled about 2500 km in 17 days.  

We travelled alongside the southern and western coasts of Portugal, as can be seen on the map below.



Beira coasts differ from the ones described previously due to the vast, long and sandy beach. Before we came to Porto, we took a break near Praia de Mira. We found a very pleasant, grassy and rather empty Orbitura campsite. Near, there are a few other campsites to choose from. We did not have a lot of time to be picky because we were heading to Porto…

Interesting places on the coast:

  • Praia de Cabedelinho near Figueira de Foz
  • Reserva Natural das Dunas de Sao Jacinto




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