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From time to time, Andalusian newspaper headlines warn of Calima. Social media is flooded with images straight from sci-fi movies about traveling to Mars.

The Spanish word calima describes a meteorological phenomenon where tiny dust, ash, clay, or sand particles are carried through the atmosphere. There is a type A calima, or so-called natural haze, when a dry and hot wind takes dust from the Sahara Desert. After all, a little bit of sand lies there on 9.2 million km2. It's a common phenomenon in the Mediterranean countries, the Canary Islands, and even further away. The sandstorm remnants reach even North America, the Caribbean region, and the eastern United States, moving with the summer anticyclones and trade winds.

There is also Type B calima, which occurs as a result of special events, when the source of pollution is, for example, forest fires.

And this is how it looks like from the space LINK



Unfortunately, when it comes to the direct impact of calima on our health, of course, the respiratory system is the most affected. We may be suffering from nasal obstruction, itchy eyes, and cough. The feeling of shortness of breath and reduced vision can also lead to symptoms related to the nervous system, such as anxiety attacks. Practicing any outdoor sports is out of the question.

Serious complications of calima happen several times a year and last several days. The air becomes heavy, yellow, even orange, and everything is covered with a layer of dust, and if it rains ... there is a loooot to clean ...

Here you can check the air quality in Spain LINK


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