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I wanted to describe to you Andalusian Christmas traditions, I wanted to add something more than the annual ceremony of switching on the decorative lighting of Larios Street in Malaga because there is something unique happening in every province at this time, but due to the fact that I simply did not have enough time, I will save this topic for next year ;) Anyway, I would like to briefly mention the ZAMBOMBA of Jerez.

In Andalusia, Christmas is celebrated over 2 days - that is, the eve of La Nochebuena, preceding the 1st day of Christmas - La Navidad.

Zambombas are traditional Christmas meetings that take place in Jerez in the Cadiz province. It is an opportunity to sing Christmas-themed songs and carols together, share traditional foods and taste local wines. It is meant to be fun, delicious, colorful, and social!

The origins of ZAMBOMBA date back many hundreds of years when neighborhood gatherings were organized mainly in the courtyards of towns and villages. Here food, wine, and songs were shared, the lyrics and songs' rhythms of which were part of the popular culture of the time. In Jerez, melodies and musical compositions were dominated by flamenco. Today, the zambomba de Jerez has become a part of the cultural identity of Jerez and Andalusia as a whole.

Feliz Navidad a Todos!



PS Soon there will be a post about Jerez, what to see, as always in the form of a mini guide :)

Un Saludo:)!

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