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Picturesquely situated “pueblo blanco” in the historic La Axarquia near mountains and the natural park Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama in Malaga province, which offers the amazing mountain atmosphere with spectacular view of… the coast! Frigiliana without any doubt is one of the most beautiful Andalusian towns, and according to some publications and the subjective opinions of many tourists, it is the most beautiful place in Spain. Kilometres of pave roads in mudejar style, white houses with flowerpots holding beautiful plants – they all create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Although the town is not too big, you can walk the alleys for hours…



The traces found near the town indicate that the original area near the modern Frigiliana was inhabited during Neolithic, but distinct traces of the past and ancient settlements were left by Phoenicians and Romans, who named the area “Frexinius ana”, which means “a house of Frexinus”. The ruins and remains of Roman times are visible on the El Fuerte hill which hovers over the town. It was the Arab rule that shaped the modern residential development. In the ninth and tenth century, the economic existence of the town relied on the production of olive oil, raisin, figs and silk moths breeding. It was protected by Castillo de Lizar fortress. In the eleventh century, the town used to be called Fixniana

After the town was taken over by the Christian commanders during Reconquista, they began to oppressively attempt to convert the Muslims to Christianity. The rebellion of the oppressed and unwilling to convert Muslim society had its peak during 20-days long battle “of the fortress” on Frigiliana Rock. In 1570, the defeated Muslims very completely banished from this area.

Frigiliana, as can be easily seen, preserved the remains of the Arab heritage. It is good to know the past of this place in order to better understand its current atmosphere, architecture and culture. Houses and streets are the same as they were in the Moorish time: neat, white and modest façades that often hid patios with lavish plants and fountains or gardens. To learn about the past, a craftsman named Pilar Garcia Millan made twelve mosaics, which can be found on Barrio Alto streets and which take the tourists for a trip into the past. When you walk the narrow streets here, you really feels as if the time froze…



A third of the town’s inhabitants consists of foreigners from about 20 different countries, and because of that the atmosphere of Frigiliana is very unique. Here, the local atmosphere, cuisine and tradition mix with traditions and languages of the newcomers. The town lures people who are tired with the pace and stress of the city life, because here you need to slow down and try not only the wine from the locally cultivated grape wines, but also Andalusian beer. You can try the beer in La Domadora – a small garage turned into a small bar and shop. 

If you are here, you really should try the local delicacy called La Arropia - candy made from sugarcane honey, manufactured in the only sugarcane factory in Europe. You will not miss an opportunity to buy candy, because they are extremely popular here. 


  • Fuente Vieja (the old fountain) – a monument from the seventeenth century
  • Saint Antonio Church – a small church from the beginning of the fifteenth century 
  • Real Expósito – antique silos from the eighteenth century
  • Santo Cristo de la Caña Chapel – a small church from the eighteenth century 
  • Casa Solariega de los Condes – a renaissance palace from the sixteenth century
  • Casa del Apero – Visitor Centre, the town’s library, all historic archives of Frigiliana and the Museum of History
  • El Torreón – it is situated in the Arab part of the town on Calle Real. It used to be a garner, but now it is a part of a house. To access the yard, you need to go through a gate called “El Torreon”.

  • La Arropia candies – candy made of sugarcane
  • Delicious chocolate (with chilli, salt, sugarcane honey, olive oil, stevia, banana) – can be bought near Real street
  • Las Marcochas – special candy made of sugarcane and prepared to celebrate the Day of the Cross  – May 3rd



The offer is very interesting and it is best to choose a restaurant with an observation deck. A few interesting recommendations below: 

PS: You should try the blue wine!

  • La Domadora – a beer bar in a garrage
  • El Adarve
  • La Bodeguilla – an interesting place near San Antonio de Padua Church
  • The Garden
  • El Acebuchal

• a nice surprise for the fans of Polish cuisine – Sal y Pimienta is a restaurant owner by Polish people who offer traditional Polish cuisine



Frigiliana is a great base for mountain treks due to closeness to a nature park. You should go for a trip to the nearby mountain ranges:

  • Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama
  • Rio Higueron – MORE INFO

Frigiliana is situated 58 km away from Malaga

  • If you go there by car – right before the entrance to the town, there is a large parking lot, where it would be best to leave your car.




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