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For us, this place is an absolute no. 1 when it comes to fun and interesting places, in which you can enjoy a few days or weeks of holiday. Although, we know people who simply live at the campsite in their bloated RVs, work remotely or cut out coupons, and during free time, they surf, etc…. nice, right?

The campsite is situated right next to La Jara river and offers an amazing view of Morocco coast. There is an entrance to a loved by kite-surfers beach, Los Lances. Stopping places are often covered by grass, especially before the high season – it is a rare view when it comes to Andalusian campsites.


Showers and toilets – check. A store – check. Internet available near the reception desk and a small joint – check. Laundry room and other facilities – check. The place is animal friendly. Kids can ride their bikes, as well. Additionally, I like this place for the opportunity to walk through the beach, and then, through a wooden plank to Tarifa. On the other side, you will find an atmospheric bar/restaurant Pachamama – a must see place. We visited Rio Jana multiple times and we never had to leave because of no free spots available. The service is very nice and the co-tenants usually consist of people from different parts of Europe.

Website, price and other bookings: CLICK HERE


Andalusia is a perfect vacation destination which offers something nice for everybody. We love travelling with our RV so we tend to stay overnight in different places. In this section, I will write about Andalusian campsites.

On the map, you are going to find both chargeable and free spots: wild places in Andalusia, where you can safely stay overnight, get water and empty the mobile toilet – please check it out!

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